Hier vind je een lijst met enkele goede online materialen per hoofdonderwerp. Om meer te leren over mijn manier van werken, of nieuwe materialen die ik vind kun je mijn weblog lezen, mijn engelse weblog volgen, of mijn del.icio.us bronnen volgen.

Leren in Organisaties
Edgar Schein: Three cultures of management: the key to organizational learning in the 21st century
Nancy Dixon: Does your organization have an asking problem?
PSO resources on organizational learning
Jenny Hyatt and Alan Kaplan: Seeing differently?… Donors as learning organizations
Website van Common Knowledge Associates
Peter Senge and the Learning Organization
Argyris and Schon: some elements of their model
Intrac paper Maaike Smit: We’re too much in a ‘to do’ mode: action research into supporting International NGO’s to learn
De Caluwe en Vermaak: Denken over veranderen in 5 kleuren en de digitale zelftest voor veranderaars

Communities of Practice
Introduction to Communities of Practice by Etienne Wenger
CPsquare, community of practice about communities of practice
Lesser and Stork: Communities of Practice and Organizational Performance
Agridea’s Portal about Communities of Practice
Etienne Wenger: Communities of practice in the 21st century
Anecdote: Want to manage tacit knowledge? Communities of practice offer a versatile solution
Practical examples of communities of practice in the development sector
Bibliography on Communities of Practice by CPsquare

Online Interactie
Netsquared: remixing the web for social change
Beth’s blog: how non-profits can use social media
Full Circle Blog by Nancy White (with resource section)
The e-collaboration weblog
Everything you need to know about web2.0
Web2.0 awards, with over 200 web2.0 sites
The complete web2.0 directory
Africa’s Web2.0 sites
The social media game wiki

Serieuze Creativiteit
Frank Barrett: Creativity and Improvisation in Jazz and Organizations
Despair podcasts en videos
The creative personality: 10 paradoxical traits of the creative personality
Flow with Soul: interview with Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Serious creativity by Edward de Bono (summary of the book)
Andriopoulos and Lowe: Enhancing organisational creativity: the process of perpetual challenging
Handzic and Chaimungkalanont: Enhancing organisational creativity through socialization
Video: why creativity matters

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